Sunday, 5 February 2012

The sugar cube castle

Ethan came home about a month ago and said he had to make a castle from sugar cubes for his homework. I died a little inside, because we had already had to construct a mountain from "materials" and a replica of a cell from Jelly. My creative skills extend the same length as my culinary skills...not very far at all!

It is OK though because we had a month and that is LOADS of time to make it, right?

At about 7pm tonight I asked "Ethan, the castle when does it have to be in?"

He replied "Don't worry mum it doesn't have to be in until the last Monday of this half term"

Tomorrow is the last Monday of this half term !!

I consulted my life coach (facebook) on the best way of sticking the sugar cubes together, and after a general consensus of opinion it was decided on the trusty glue gun!
So we got the stuff together...

Could we find the trusty glue gun? Could we flipping heck!! So I mixed an entire box of icing sugar with water...NO too much water!! Gloopy glue, suggested Olivia. Perfect thought I. At this point I was feeling quite smug at my ability of solving this little hiccup without having to refer back to facebook again.
Just a little note, for anybody making a sugar cube castle in the future, icing sugar already mixed with water does NOT then mix with gloopy glue. I felt like I was sticking my child's homework together with sperm!!

Ethan's input in the beginning was to sit and eat the sugar cubes, and then he felt that I was complicating the situation and in the same breath asked me how I was going to construct the roof and doors, and did I know that castle foundations are laid in a way the walls should be curved.

I threw him a look, and we quickly agreed on square walls!!

So after refrigerating a bunch of sugar cubes, stuck with homemade glue we constructed something that can possibly be compared to, well, a bunch of sugar cubes stuck together with sperm I guess!

There are two things to come of this. One, he won't get detention and two, they will think he did it himself because surely no adult could really be that artistically challenged...

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