Friday, 17 February 2012

Half term week.

I was so looking forward to the kids half term. Fabulous, I thought, two whole weeks of lay ins and just doing as we pleased. Hmmm that was mistake number one, I don't know why I had convinced myself they were having two weeks off. At least I realised (due to my trusty life coach facebook) before I received a phone call from the school on the second week asking me why my children weren't at school!

It has been a fun week, we took Ethan to his friends for a 2 night stop over on Monday and collected him back again Wednesday! We also took all the children to Box Hill on Wednesday for a lovely stroll in the woods. How difficult can it be for 3 adults to take 7 kids to the woods?

Well it depends if the 3 adults are me, Leah and Naomi, I guess! At the beginning of the walk the kids were buzzing with excitement. Leah had organised maps, compasses and a challenge for them as they went round and it worked really well. After looking for "The Big Tree" to climb, a very long haul, a sheer drop, a dead end and danger high voltage cables later the kids enthusiasm started to wane a little!

We eventually found the big tree, which was more by good luck than good management, and the promise of a cake and hot chocolate at the cafe kept them going until we finally found our way back out of the woods!

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