Thursday, 4 February 2010

Keeping it going!

The diet has started really well! I have lost 21lbs in 4 weeks, but last week and this, I have been having doubts that I can do this, and my own stupid negativity sabotages my determination!
Of course I can do it, so why do I always get like this? I need a good swift kick up my very ample rear!!

It has been a hectic week, but not actually getting the things I had planned done, because other things happened which needed to come first.
My dad has been incredibly unwell from his chemotherapy. He has Chronic lymphatic Leukaemia, and has had for about 6 years. It had been dormant for about 5 years, but started becoming active over the last year, which resulted in him needing chemo.
Whereas Ted's Leukaemia is aggresive and will kill a person quickly, chronic leukaemia can be lived with for years without needing any intervention!

Last sunday my dad was taken to hospital with a probable infection, and like with Ted, these can be life threatening.
I popped up to the hospital to offer support to my dad and his wife Liz. We had a good chat, and I nagged him to make sure people wash their hands before touching him.

Then also this week my washing machine broke AGAIN!! It was only fixed in december. We have paid for an insurance policy that ensures they come out 48hours after reporting the fault. If you report it on a saturday, they will come out to you the following tuesday. We reported ours last saturday and our appointment is for the 8th of february!!

Not quite 48 hours, and when this was pointed out we were greeted with a take it or leave it attitude!!!
4 kids and 2 adults = a lot of washing!! My step mum has been fabulous and has been doing a bit each day for me!

I may have mentioned we are involved with a group of oncology parents, in the setting up of a Be child cancer aware charity. We aim to raise awareness nationally of all childhood cancers.
People always refer to childhood cancer as a rare disease, yet 1 in 300 children will be diagnosed with cancer each year. That is not rare. You have a 1 in 13.9 million chance of winning the that is rare. If someone told me I would have a 1 in 300 chance of winning several million, I would certainly think about buying a ticket :o)

The government currently put absolutely NO funding whatsoever in to childhood cancer awareness, yet cancer kills more children in the uk than anything else. Even the next 2 diseases combined doesn't kill as many children!!

Last year a budget of £122+ million was given to fund a road safety campaign, with an additional £18 million on the THINK! campaign, yet more children die of cancer than on Britains roads!!
Go figure!!

We plan to change that!!