Saturday, 4 February 2012


Eleanor is two years old, the fourth child in our family, and most definitely the last! She was our smallest child and without a doubt she is our most willful!

She is, dare I say, her mother's daughter. She doesn't need you to help her, she can do it herself. She won't be guided, she will choose her own path. She is not always right, but my goodness don't you ever tell her she was wrong; but above all she informs me "Mummy you're my world, and I am your world and *hims* (pointing to her siblings) are *he's* (pointing to dad) best friend, not yours, you are mine!"

Woe betide anyone that tells her otherwise!!

She wakes up in defense mode and remains that way until the minute she decides she is going to bed!

You see, you all thought it was me that ruled the roost in the Drummond household, but NO, it is without doubt little Miss Enna!

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