Monday, 27 February 2012

Enna's 2yr check

Eleanor had her 2 yr check today, and she woke up in a foul mood which meant she probably wasn't going to co-operate with anyone!

After a fraught bath and hair wash, we arrived at the clinic and we were eventually called in for our turn. This was either going to go really well, or spectacularly not!

All of my kids have been early talkers, and always had a really good range of vocabulary, but if Enna decides she doesn't like you, (and you have about 30 seconds on meeting her to make an impression), then she will not speak to you! The HV was on to a winner as she already had brightly coloured crayons and paper out to play with, and Enna loves to draw (albeit usually on the walls).

It took me a few seconds to convince her she wanted to draw a picture, but doing so she settled down a little and found her stride.

She drew a dog and a face...

She wouldn't show the HV where her eyes, nose and mouth were, so the next bag of tricks was a doll and accessories. The HV laid out a doll, a spoon, a cup and a hairbrush, and she told Enna the baby was hungry, so asked her if she could help her out. She said "I will just brush her hair first, it's a mess" and proceeded to brush the bald doll with the brush. Then she looked quizzically at the spoon and the cup, the HV had assumed that she would just accept the cup was a bowl and use those to "feed" the baby. However, after looking at it, she declared "You shouldn't eat out of a cup, can I have a bowl?"

Next was the tower stacking which she managed her required 6 bricks, and then came the picture book...

She was asked and correctly identified strawberries, egg, carrots and broccoli, at getting broccoli correct, the HV said "Well done, they are a bit like trees aren't they?"
Enna looked at her quite bemused, possibly unamused and said "No, they are vegetables!"

She was then shown a picture of a yoghurt, and she didnt have a clue. Due to food allergies in the house, we just don't buy dairy products, so she wouldn't know what a yoghurt was. I don't think it will hold her back too much though ;o)

She is the correct weight and height for her age, and her hearing is fine but they do think she is short sighted, so she is being referred to have her eyes checked. It wasn't a surprise as John and Ethan are the same.

All in all it went well, and she quite enjoyed herself in the end!

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