Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Toy shopping!

A definite little boost for me after having a really bad day. We nipped to toysrus for some christmas things for the kids.

As I am unaware who reads my blog I am unable to say at the moment what it is that is troubling me so much, because not everyone that needs to know, does yet.

I haven't been able to collect my thoughts together properly at all today and everything has got to me. Noise, tiredness and generally anything that required me to engage my brain.

I was cooking dinner, and John wanted tinned carrots with his (he loves them). I opened a tin and decided to just shove them in with the other veg cooking, because the kids had spaghetti.

I poured the carrots and liquid from the tin in to the pan and when I looked I realised I had just opened a tin of peaches in syrup!! Ooops. It wasn't a combination he really wanted to try. I can hardly blame him though, can you!?

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