Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Soft play!

Well, I don't know what happened to my last post but it has vanished in to thin air!
I think my blog gives off some kind of vibe because the minute I start typing, the baby starts crying!

I took Ted to soft play today because I wanted to get out of the house, and my sister was visiting with my nephew so it was a good way to entertain them both.

I generally don't take Ted to places that will be busy because of infection risk, but Kids Kingdom has always been quiet during term time, so off we went!

I loved observing people there.

A little girl (about Ted's age) arrived shortly after us and she had on a very smart skirt with a little twinset. She looked lovely but more suited to a wedding than a play place. Her mum came in behind her, and she had on a jewel encrusted top with tassles at the bottom, a huge pearl necklace (of the jewellery kind!!!!) and a matching chunky pearl bracelet. She was very glammed up, and looked completely out of her depth amidst a bunch of screeching toddlers.
She also had a really big sparkly black bag. Ted was so captured by this bag, with the sunlight glinting on it through the window, that I had to remove him from the area as his sticky fingers started to have a rummage!!

Another mum didn't so much as glance in the direction of her child, but I think I would have been in denial of ownership had he been mine also!! If he wasn't launching a doll's pushchair down the slides, it was another child!

There was one solitary dad there amongst the mums, and he threw me a fantastic filthy look as I breastfed Nelly Belly under a blanket.
I figured he was offended either because he had realised what was going on under the blanket and was opposed to the breastfeeding, OR he knows my window cleaner and was put out I hadn't flashed him my breasticles!!! *blush*

As for what the mums thought about me..... probably get your hair cut, it is too long and go to the gym!! :o)

Ted and Adam had a blast, whereas I wasn't sure my nerves would take much more of them descending at quite a speed down jelly mountain! Ted is by far my most adventurous child, and seems to have no fear.
I don't know if that is because he has spent most of his life going through a gruelling chemotherapy programme and had to tolerate things most of us really couldn't even comprehend, or if he was always going to be that way.

He embraces everything with enthusiasm and has a curiosity like mine. If it is there, it is for something and he wants to know what. I can envisage him travelling when he is older and wanting to see and do it all!

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