Thursday, 12 November 2009

Don't panic, don't panic!

It wasn't a very good start to the day, when the dreaded words "We've slept in" were announced. It was 8.30am and the kids need to be on their way to school by 8.45am

Today was a particularly bad day to sleep through the alarm because I also had to get John to his hospital appointment just after 9am which meant we also had to get the 2 smalls dressed and fed aswell.
In a spectacular sod's law fashion, I hadn't done the ironing either. *headache*

As I flung the iron across some clothes for everyone, little bodies rushed around grabbing breakfast, brushing teeth and generally winding each other up!
We had to send their school lift on without them because they just weren't ready!
John walked them there and I dressed Ted and Nell, whilst dragging a brush through my hair, remembering to put my bra on and scoffing carrot cake for breakfast! It is good for me right? Afterall, it does have carrots in!

John's hospital went well, and he got his much needed steroid injection, which means hopefully he will be able to drive and be more comfortable in a few days.

I also managed to nip to the shops to buy a couple of christmas presents and look at a camera for me. I didn't like the one I was shown, but at least it has been eliminated from the list of potentials!

Oh well, kids will be dropped of in about 10 minutes and then it is a mad rush to get to swimming lessons. At least I haven't been bored today.

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  1. Oh no, I hate days that start badly! I'd have not bothered dressing Ted or Nell (tinies in PJs is OK, mums in PJs only slightly less acceptable!), there'd have been no ironing. You can't call yourself undomestic and then admit to ironing, never mind when you are late, and breakfast would have been cheese strings or cereal bars as we ran down the road! Mind you, if we woke up at 8:30 we might as well take our time cos the bell goes at 8:35 here so we'd be late no matter what we did!

    Delighted to see you in the Blogesphere!