Friday, 13 November 2009

Kids and the rain!

It has rained incessantly today and the two youngest have cried with almost equal resolve.

Poor Ted is unwell and exhausted which has attributed greatly to his mood. He is normally so jolly and really quite funny. Already a practical joker just like his mum, but today he wasn't having any of it!
I tried to distract him with Ethan's camera because he loves to say cheese, however there were no smiles only anger and utter frustration!

He did enjoy our trip out to lunch with Grandad, Auntie Paula, Nell and cousin Adam. He was much brighter with some company he could get up to mischief with. Grandad is also of a similar mental age (love you dad x) so they all got on great, sat in the back of the car playing "which hand?"

A more cheery Ted after lunch, back to his silly self!

My little Nelly belly is grumpy because she is struggling with her feeding. Her bottom lip doesn't stick outwards, so she is finding latching with a good seal virtually impossible. She is taking in a lot of air, and infacol makes her is a nice orangey smelling vomit, but still vomit! The girl farts and burps like an adult, which is pretty impressive as she is only weeks old. Inherited her daddy's gene for that one, I am far too much of a lady!

Olivia has loved the rain, jumping in every puddle she could find with her shoes on! I am not sure they will dry out for school on Monday, they are so wet. She couldn't see a problem herself because puddles are for jumping in! Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of her book and go and jump in some puddles and just simply not give a damn!

Ethan hasn't had as much fun, because he had to walk to swimming lessons with school and he got so drenched his coat was as if he had taken a bath in it! He is my sensible child and jumping in puddles just isn't his thing, when he could be tucked up nice and warm in the house reading a book!

I had to make a huge sacrifice today because my coat was needed to protect something far more important then me from the rain, I had to cover my Christmas biscuits with it so they didn't get wet! There is nothing worse than a soggy biscuit.

Christmas shopping tomorrow morning, can't wait!!

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