Saturday, 21 November 2009

Swine flu jab.

We were all booked in for our swine flu vaccinations on thursday evening. It was requested by Great Ormond Street that due to Ted being in a high risk group the whole immediate household have them.

I was ok with that, we all have the seasonal flu jab for the same reason.

We decided Olivia should go first because she has a real fear of needles, so didn't think it fair for her to sit and watch anyone else go first and get herself more stressed out.

John took her in to the nurse by themselves and we waited outside, to see if that would help her not be so nervous. Alas, she started screaming the minute John's hand was on the door handle. She sat screaming whilst the nurse asked her name and continued screaming when she sat on the chair. I think she distracted herself so much by screaming that she didn't actually notice the needle going in.

Once she realised it was all over she screamed some more because she knew she had been given an injection.

I was outside the door with Ethan Ted and Nell, and we could hear the commotion going on inside, (I think half of Essex could hear the commotion going on inside) and Ted thought it was hilarious.

He was laughing and said "Ollie screaming" Little did he know that he was next!!

He is so used to nurses and procedures, so he quite happily sat on the chair and flirted with the nurse. She quickly jabbed him in the leg and he did give out a scream and through his tears said "thank you!"
The rest of us were very brave and didn't shed a single tear!

After it was all over and we were back in the car Ollie started to cry again, she felt robbed because it was a different nurse
"and she didn't even give me a sweet, she was rubbish!!" was her final word on the matter!!

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  1. I think Ollie was correct, no sweet! What is going on.