Thursday, 10 December 2009


Or should that be lack of it today!?
Eleanor decided that she didn't want to sleep last night, she was incredibly twisty with acid reflux and managed to cry on and off (more on than off) until 2am.

I dared to sink my head in my pillow, and let the overwhelming tiredness consume my whole body. I was somewhere in between asleep and awake, when your mind just starts to wander to dream land when I heard "MUM, MUM! I have just been sick!"
I shook my head to open my eyes and try and engage my brain, whilst stumbling to Olivia who had just thrown up.
What a little star, she manage to get it all in a bowl and not on the 500 cuddly toys and blankets she has on her bed!! I cleaned her up and took her temp, which was 40 on the dot!

After a dose of calpol, and a cool sip of water she settled back down and looked quite peaceful, so I tiptoed back to bed and once again slumped in to my pillow. Just as my eyes close I heard "MUM MUM I have been sick again!!"

This went on time after time until I looked at the clock and it was 7.15am

I couldn't really feel my body anymore, but it managed to keep up with my now hyperactive brain which was running in overdrive!
I dutifully called NHS direct who suggested I take her straight to A&E because her vomit was green.
After 4 hours waiting around we had a diagnosis of acute tonsilitis. The doctor showed me her throat and you could see all the burst blood vessels at the back. She is now on antibiotics, nurofen and calpol and I was conned in to buying the gel strips you put on your head! £4.95 I tell you!

Why she couldn't manage with a wet flannel is beyond me, but I am a softy what can I say!

Here is to a better night sleep all round!

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