Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Monday...

Bleh, that is all!!

Today hasn't been the best of mornings. Olivia should have been dressed up as a character from James and the giant peach today, but yet again, I think my telepathy skills are somewhat lacking, because no note was sent hoe from school. I wasn't the only parent not to get one either. Poor, very poor!! So she has her school uniform on, and I will need to make it up to her!!

Also this morning I saw a "friend" (reviewing that one!!) talking about me in a derogatory manner on facebook. They probably thought they would be safe, because the comments they made were on the wall of someone I am not connected with. However, due to the new live streaming, and the fact the security settings of this person were on public, the comments came up on my live stream!! It is almost funny, but oh how I see that person differently now! Outward appearances and all that!

I am bored of making an effort with people and that not being returned, and clearly not appreciated.

Today I will be taking no prisoners!!

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